The Helix Fossil is the accepted positive diety of the TPP universe. It is one of Red's key items, meaning it cannot be dropped. Despite traditionally being used to revive the Pokémon Omanyte, the Fossil quickly became a highly recongized item for its repeated use, to no avail, early in the game. The Helix Fossil is considered to be in a constant battle with the Dome Fossil, as their interests continue to collide as they manipulate Red.


In the Generation I through III games, the Dome and Helix Fossils are Key Items found in Mt. Moon after defeating a trainer. Red is given a choice between the two, and the Twitchmind chose the Helix Fossil. This barred Red from ever obtaining the Dome Fossil. 

Due to Red constantly "consulting" the Helix Fossil over and over again early in the game, it quickly became recognized as a god/force for good and progress.

The Helix Fossil's Prophet and Champion is known as Bird Jesus/Pidgeot, and is tasked with guiding Red through his journey, as he is, by a wide margin, the most powerful member in the group. 

However, the Helix Fossil (despite having numerous followers) is still locked in a battle of control over Red's journey with the Dome Fossil, it's counterpart. Only time will tell who wins this struggle.

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