One of the main deities of TPP, The Dome. It's worshippers are often known as Domeocrats or Disciples of the Dome. It is seen as a dark and powerful presence capable of manipulating Pokemon and People alike and has used its power to reinforce its beliefs over Red every now and then.


The Dome believes in order and to an extent progress is a main factor of its belief. Many followers of the Dome believe Democracy is the way forward for the adventure through TPP. To many The Dome is a symbol of darkness and is seen as a negative influence on the world.

False Prophet FlareonEdit

To rival its competitor in Red, The Helix, The Dome sent in a prophet of it's own to counter Bird Jesus, this was Flareon. Flareon is a cruel creature responsible for the release of Abby K and Jay Leno, Flareon was eventually banished by The Keeper earning The Keeper a position on the team and reasserting the Helix's power in Red.

Post-Flareon ActionsEdit

After the banishing of its prophet The Dome set about revenge on Red and The Helix, So far it has been responsible for releasing a Hitmonlee named "C3KO".