Also known as the Player, Red is a boy aspiring to become a Pokemon master.  However, he finds himself in a struggle against the opposing forces of the Helix and Dome fossils as they work tirelessly to achieve their own goals. 


Once a regular young boy, with dreams of becoming a member of the  Kanto/Johto Elite four, Red discovered his true destiny on the night of his Birthday, where he was visited in a dream by the one true lord Helix. Helix tasked the boy with a mission to revive him, so our lord may walk among us once more.

To aid Red in his task the lord Helix gifted him with the power of the twitchmind, the collective minds of thousands of individual control units known as Twitchers. Armed with his new power Red meandered outside to begin his crusade against the forces of the pretender Dome, and possibly to become a master.

(I only joined day four, so someone feel free to expand)

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