False Prophet

Flareon, False Prophet of the Dome

Flareon, the False Prophet.


When the Eevee was obtained, many people intended to evolve it into a Vaporeon, to make it learn surf, as requested by the Helix Fossil. They mistakingly evolved it into the False Prophet Flareon. It received the title, due to how people attempted to retreive a Pokémon from the bank. They thought it was innocent, until the people released ABBBBBBK (, also known as Abby K, and JWVLNNOOOO, also known as Jay Leno. They claimed Flareon had misguided them to do so, and it made them fall under the influence of the Dome Fossil. Therefore, it received the title. It was later released, as many rejoiced in the moment that the shepard was banished.

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Lapras the DeniedEdit

Even after the catastrophy of the False Prophet, Red set his eyes on Lapras the Denied. The only water pokemon which could be savely obtained without having to go into the dreaded PC. 

However it is not yet known if the Dome god has any plans to disrupt this fated meeting.


There are speculations that Flareon may not be a true 'False Prophet' but was simply an innocent Eevee who was manipulated by Drowzee 'The Keeper' when her dreams of evolving into Vaporeon were consumed by Drowzee while they were trapped within the PC.