Drowzee "The Keeper" banishes the False Prophet.

Drowzee "The Keeper"


Drowzee "The Keeper" was first sighted on route 11 at level 13. Upon seeing a rare pokemon like Drowzee, Red was compelled by the Twitchmind to recruit him, and after a great battle The Keeper was finally caught using a standard pokeball.

Drowzee seemed like a normal pokemon at first but later became a legend, due to the ultimate sacrifice he made by storing himself in Bill's PC together with "the False Prophet" Flareon. 

He obtained the title: "The Keeper" because he was the only one brave enough to stop The False Prophet and was labeled as doomed together with Flareon. Untill the fated day that the all powerfull Helix god made sure The False Prophet was punished and banished for all eternity. From this point on Drowzee "The Keeper" was brought back into the party. No longer as a hero, but as a legend. 

On the 12th day, Helix's power hummed through Cinnabar Island. His time was nigh. The Keeper volunteered to return to his post in order to make way for Helix's comming and, to protect those we have lost. In a legendary bout with the PC The Keeper sacrificed himself for the glory of Helix and now sits at the gates of heaven, forever watchful, waiting until a time when his power is needed again.

Relation to HelixEdit

He was chosen by Helix to guard the false prophet.

(Not So) Slayer of GhostsEdit

Though heralded as the New Hope, The Keeper has shown a distinct inability to lead us through the Pokemon Tower due to incredibly low chance of using his Psychic staple attack: Confusion. 

Up to this point, he's Pounded (A Normal Type attack that can't harm Ghost Type pokemon) his way to a number of deaths and Red Blackouts.

Possible Corruption by FlareonEdit

Some radicals have started talk that his confinement with Flareon allowed the False Prophet to twist Drowzee's mind, using his apparent sabotage of the Lavender Town situation to evidence him as a traitor. As yet we are unable to tell if our hero has indeed fallen.


An alternate speculation of Drowzee portrays him as a master of manipulation, consuming Eevee's dream of evolving into Vaporeon, and using his psychic powers to cause Red to purchase a Fire Stone instead of a Water Stone, leading to Eevee's evolution into Flareon and bringing upon her undue hatred and vitriol.