Twitch Play Pokemon Animation Dig Rat and Giovanni

Twitch Play Pokemon Animation Dig Rat and Giovanni


Digrat was the name of one of the two Rattata captured by Red. It was called "Digrat" due to using in and outside of battle the move Dig, which it learned from TM. It would often use Dig to escape underground areas, most notably the Silph Co. bulding after defeating Giovanni, before Red had a chance to pick up the Silph Scope.

Digrat's name was changed at 6d 12h to AAJST (????

Digrat was one out of the two Pokemon in Red's party that can attack the Ghost type Pokemon in Pokemon Tower.

Digrat was unfortunately released at 10d 16h 2m as the last casualty in a series of mass purges in an attempt to withdraw the captured Zapdos from the PC.

Relation to the GodsEdit

Digrat's relation to religious beings is questionable. On one hand, Digrat has been speculated to be a follower of the Dome.  It is theorized that he influenced the player to release Jay Leno, as Dig Rat saw Jay Leno as a follower of the Helix, and as such an enemy to the Dome; however, the nature of Dig Rat's digging is a perfect example of the anarchist teachings of the Helix. As such, there has been no agreed upon stance on Dig Rat's relation to the gods.