Bloody Sunday marks the 11th day of the saga of TPP, during which the Twitchmind endured the lost of numerous pc pokemon in an attempt to retreive the newly captured Zapdos.


After clearing a ledge puzzle, Red goes to the Power Plant and captures Zapdos using a master ball. However since Zapdos was sent to the PC, problems begin to arise as the Twichmind guides him back to the Pokemon Center's PC.

What ensued, were the release of 12 Pokemon as the Twitchmind did all that it could to retrieve Zapdos and other useful pokemon. However, Red would later leave the Center without Zapdos.

The Twitchmind during this day mourned and expressed a heavy sadness for the pokemon lost. Bloody Sunday serves as a bitter reminder of how the PC must be navigated carefully to avoid such an incident.

Pokemon ReleasedEdit

Bloody Sunday is characterized by the release of a dozen pokemon. This list details them:

1. " A"- Was a Venonat.

2. " B-!}" - Was a Venonat.

3. " AIA" - Was an Exggcute.

4. " AAA" - Was a Paris.

5. "VENONAT" - Was level 22.

6. Nidoran (Male) - Was level 22.

7. " x(araggbaj", also known as Cabbage or  The Seed of Hope - was a Gloom.

8. " DUX", also known as the Slayer of Trees or King Leer - was a Farfetch'd.

9.  " GEODUDE"- Was level 17.

10. " H" - A male Nidoran.

11. " AAEWWW" - A male Nidoran.

12. " AAJST(????", also known as Apollo Justice, or Digrat/BigDig - was a Raticate.